Wedding in Sardinia 

Red Rocks Wedding at Baia Cea beach - Sardinia

The locationof this wedding  will be arranged by a fantastic natural bay. The sea is turquoise blue and the sandy beach is long and white and only a few meters from the coast, rise two 30 m large red porphyry rocks. The wedding takes place at the foot of the red rock cliffs on board of a anchored yacht or a big boat, together with friends and relatives.
A wedding that will remain unforgettable:  By the contrast between the red colour of the rocks, the blue sky background, the turquoise blue sea and the wind noise provides a nice-counterpoint to the waves.

After the wedding ceremony we will go back to the beach for lunch, at the beach restaurant where you can choose between fish-based or sardinia /italian traditional menus.
The long beach allows walks, take souvenir photos and emotions that accompany forever a day that sardinian sky and sea will make unforgettable.
The overnight stay will be guaranteed at the nearby Baia Cea Resort a located few hundred meters from the beach.

A wedding in the pilgrimage church of San Pietro di S.Pietro on the Golgo - Sardinia

  • Chiesa di S. Pietro Golgo
  • San Pietro Golgo
  • Chiesa S. Pietro Golgo
  • Ristorante al Golgo
The charm of an old country church standing alone in the middle of this limestone plateau, Su Golgo, above the village of Baunei.  A perfect setting for a dream wedding where will be attending by silence, wind, spaciousness and centuries-old holm oaks and you can listen from the distance such as music, the bells and the bleating of mountain goats.

The church of San Pietro was built more than 500 years ago, on a outlying limestone plateau. It is a place of pilgrimage since centuries  of the old inhabitants of Sardinia Region Ogliastra.
The church stands lonely on the plateau, surrounded by a courtyard with pilgrims cells, for all visitors who came there to find for peace and contemplation.

Everything has remained unchanged over time: Under the nave of the old church and on the stones of the "cumbessias"  the bride and groom will feel  the experience of ancient atmosphere with spiritual energy who transmit deep human values and hospitality. Values which makes cohesion to Community, this can prove to be a good omen for new couples.
After the ceremony you may eat at a farmhouse (agriturismo) that is only a few hundred meters away. They serves traditional dishes; as culurgiones, prosciutto, roast suckling pig and traditional sweets, accompanied by Cannonau wine, made in the surrounding vineyards.
The Hotels in Santa Maria Navarrese, a marine village a few km away from Baunei,  will host the spouses, relatives and friends.

Marriage on the Saracen Tower of Bari Sardo – Ogliastra, East Coast of Sardinia.

People who loves the beauty of the sea of Sardinia,  this marriage, on the Tower of Bari Sardo, will be an unique and unforgettable memory.

The tower is located in a small promontory  and on the right and left side of the tower there are beautiful long beaches with white sandy.
The tower was one of the outposts to control the incursions Saracen 1500-1800 A.D.
​The Tower of Barisardo is still intact and functional  and inside there is enough space to organize ceremonies or other events.
A wedding on the tower, will feature a total immersion in the blue where sea and sky seemed to blend: only the music, that the nature allows there, it is the sound of the sea; splashing waves, and seagull-screams , that we propose.

After the wedding ceremony you may eat in one of the traditional restaurants on this coast with fish-based menu or in one of the farm restaurant close to this beach with a menu based on traditional products: meat, wine, sweets and ham, as well as culurgionis, a filled pasta exclusive of Ogliastra.

Ogliastra is one of the world's 5 Blue Zone, land of centenarians, where the quality of life and feeding allows an extraordinary longevity.
The Hotels of  Barisardo will host the spouses, relatives and friends for the days after ceremony.

Matrimonio nel nuraghe di Serbissi – Osini – Sardegna

  • Matrimonio Nuraghe
  • Barumini

A wedding scenario who bring you back into time 3,000 years,  in the middle of the Bronze Age civilizations.
Peoples of the Sardinian megalithism created hundreds of Nuraghic villages throughout the island and erected over 8,000 Nuraghe.
One of them  overlooks two big valleys that controlled the routes of grassland: it was the Nuraghe “Serbissi”  built at over 1,000 meters of altitude.

Nuraghe Serbissi

The large room “tholos” hosted once warriors, leaders and rulers, today this room can seal the marriages.  For anyone who wants celebrating the ceremony in an atmosphere  where the stones still breathe the ancient history, where the charm is still in the air and sounds around, unchanged over thousands of years.

After the wedding ceremony you may eat in the old village of Osini a surreal ghost town, uninhabited about  half a century,  but that still preserves the fascination of old villages in center of Sardinia.

Hotels in neighboring seaside villages, will host the spouses, relatives and friends.

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