Touroperator Sardinien

" Live an authentic experience where time stands still, evocative landscapes remind of ancient memories and genuine flavors are bound up to tradition....."

Kent'annos in Sardinia Tour offers group and theme travel services such as:  enogastronomic itineraries enriched with archaeological sites. tours and trips through unique landscapes on a path between knowledge and taste. This is the alternative  to a traditional  experience: our goal is to let our visitors lose themselves  in breathtaking views tasting culinary specialties of our region finally saying” I want more!".

« Life in Sardinia is maybe the best a man can hope for: twenty-four thousand miles of forests, of countryside, of coasts surrounded by a miraculous sea should coincide with what I would recommend the good God to give us as paradise. » (Fabrizio De Andrè)


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Daily trips

  • Lanusei «Sanctuary of  S’Arcu e Is Forros, » Villagrande Strisaili &
      « Archaeological Park of Selene»
  • Osini “Nuraghe Serbissi & Scala San Giorgio
     & Ghost Town Osini”

  • Lotzorai “ Nature Reserve Sa Portiscra” Urzulei &  “Necropolis “Genna 'e Tramonti, Fund 'e Monti”  Lotzorai

  •   Lanusei Archaeological Park of Selene & Observatory  "Monte Armidda”


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Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures that tell the activity and the spirit of Kent ' annos, so to remember with us an experience full of emotions.

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