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Kent' Annos in Sardinia 

Ginepro sulla spiaggia
Kentannosinsardinia, is an Incoming and Theme travel TO focused on nature, history, art and enogastronomy in Sardinia.
The name Kent’annos sounds like a bet, live a 100 years (kent’annos) in Sardinia, especially in Ogliastra, is possible!
This longevity  has been confirmed by long studies and researches and it is possible thanks to a magical mix between climate nature and lifestyle.
Ogliastra is indeed a “centenarian’s land”!
This “Island in the island” is such a peculiar territory. Mountains and sea, woods and hidden little coves, archeology and traditional flavors that is the alternative out of time that we offer. A triumph of emotions all bound up in which the Visitor  could lose him/herself.

Every itinerary has a theme: Nuragic  archeology, Punic archeology, gastronomic culture with Sardinian niche wines, Star gazing and,in the end, a full immersion in the Ogliastra region, the island in the island for its purity as well as being the "land of centenarians".


We will bring our Guests to the highest nuragic village in Sardinia, at the foot of Gennargentu, listening to the wind in the ancient holm and oak woods. Enter the nuragic palace of Barumini and Santu’ Antine. Watch the stars in the astronomical observatory of mount Armidda in one of the darkest sky of the Mediterranean Sea and taste the cannonau wine, from the nuragic vineyard and so on...
Kentannosinsardinia will support the Guests through all the itineraries with airport and bus transfers, a multilingual guide, accommodation in 3 star hotels with half or full board even with traditional meals that Guests will prepare in baking and cooking lessons and most important Insurance safety & warranties.
As an alternative  we focused on the individuality of the tourist: we plan tailor made and not “ready-made”trips.
This year we add also  "magical" moments for couples who want to get married in unique evocative unforgettable scenarios.